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As a licensed general contractor we can provide a host of services to help you with changes, additions, modifications, and upgrades to your rental or personal living unit. Together, with our own employees, we have developed a close network of sub-contractors that can provide licensed services in the area of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.  If building permits are required we can work with the municipality to obtain the proper paperwork and make sure all work is done correctly and professionally.


Complete renovation or partial.

We are equipped to provide new counters, cabinets, flooring, electrical and plumbing needs, as well as full interior and exterior painting. We are experienced in quick turnaround time. Projects typically take three to four days per unit helping you reduce the expense of not having it rented.


We can provide complete renovation including new tub surround, new shower valve, new vanity with granite top, new sink and plumbing, new medicine cabinet, new flooring, and new shower doors.  We can install custom designs or go with a standard package for economy minded upgrades.




Very experiencd at preparing and installing Hardi Plank siding and new trim. Our crew will come in and remove the old siding and house wrap, replace any rotten underlayment, re-wrap the house and re-side and trim. We can also follow up with a prime and paint to finish off the project leaving you with a new refreshed and sealed home or apartment. We always minimize our mess.


We have a unique approach to providing granite counters and vanities at a better price point then most laminate surfaces. If you choose one of our standard offerings then we can offer a nice upgrade when working with a limited budget. We can also work with you to do custom work as well to fit the project needs.


Vinyl, linoleum, wood, carpet, or tile we can install it. 


From fabricating and installing new gutters, to cleaning and repairing old gutters, Proline can do it all. 

We are equiped and experienced at replacing counters, cabinets, appliances, flooring and lighting. Whether it's a simple cabinet modification to allow for a new appliance or a compete kitchen makeover we are fast and clean.

We have a team of drywall installers as well as crew of painters ready to provide you with a quick turnaround along with a competitive price point that will match or beat any installer out there. 


Worried about lead based paint? We are lead certified to ensure every job is safe.

We can replace your old aluminum windows and doors with new energy efficient vinyl or wood windows that meet current building code requirements. We can also install new trim as well as any dryrot repair that may be necessary during the project.

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